Monday, November 15, 2010

Elham low carbon village in the news...

From Kent on Sunday "Eco-friendly villagers are putting their urban neighbours to shame with green schemes that are successfully reducing their carbon footprints.

Three years ago a number of Kent's rural community leaders took up the challenge to help tackle climate change, with some now reporting impressive results thanks to the energy-saving efforts of their residents.

Villagers in Elham, near Folkestone, are among those to have successfully reduced their carbon footprints after being persuaded to take measures to improve their energy efficiency such as using low-voltage light bulbs and providing better insulation for their homes.

The Elham Environmental Group (EEG), which was formed in 2007, has also planted a large number of trees for the community and produced sustainable shopping bags for local traders.

Residents who sign up to the Fuel Club can also enjoy cheaper bills thanks to pooled deliveries of heating oil that limit the number of times lorries have to visit the village..... read on here"

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