Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Letter from East Kent FOE


Politicians are being urged to get tough on the Big 6 energy companies with 90% of Brits backing a call for a Public Inquiry into their power and half believing the main
reasons for bills doubling since 2004 is energy company greed according to a new survey released by Friends of The Earth.

Martin Lewis, Creator of joined calls for politicians and regulators to make "radical changes" to the energy system following a summit last month where The Government failed to tackle the energy company rip-off.

Friends of The Earths new Final Demand Campaign is challenging The Government to launch a Public Inquiry into the power of the big 6 who are making billions in profits while an estimated 1 in 4 households are unable to afford their energy bills following recent price hikes.

FOE are asking people to sign its Petition calling on David Cameron to set up a Public Inquiry into the big 6 at

Stuart Cox from East Kent Friends of The Earth Group said:

"The Government is cozying up to the energy companies instead of calling time on the big energy market stitch-up.

The Big Six are making billions by keeping The UK hooked  on expensive imported fuels instead of setting us on a path to affordable, clean British energy.

Were making a Final Demand to David Cameron on behalf of families in Britain - launch an urgent Public Inquiry  into the big six and give us a fair energy system."

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