Monday, April 7, 2014

Suggested planting list for next week...

Deal Station Gardening Group
Spring/Summer Planting Plan 2014
We wanted to maximise visual impact as well as illustrate some basic veg planting techniques (drought, companion planting).  Plants have been chosen for colour, hardiness and mixed heights.
A common theme in all the planters will be the planting of wild flowers to grow up amongst the veg.  Red poppies, white oxeye daisies and corncockles in remembrance of the start of the Great War. 
Ramsgate Platform
X2 new long thing planters
Red Valerian
Trailing rosemary
Purple Sage
- will need a water retentive mulch, bark chips or broken sea shells maybe
London Platform
Planters 1 & 2 (country end)
Broad Beans  - existing and new sowings
French bean – seedlings, started in greenhouses
Rainbow chard  - planted in blocks
Beetroot – planted in blocks
Planter 3  (by the gate)
Rhubarb – already in situ
Strawberries – in situ
Cranberries – in situ
Gooseberry -  to purchase, large and spiky
Planters 4 & 5
Salad – early spring
Sweetcorn in grid formation                      }
Squash between sweetcorn                     } 3 sisters
Beans (maybe) up the sweetcorn                        }
Trailing nasturtiums

Front of the Station  - Sue and Adrian to source and report back 
Globe artichoke
Wild flowers as above

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