Sunday, February 4, 2024

Deal Hop Farm - Season 8 Launch meeting 7th Feb 6:30


Walmer Beach Clean 4th Feb 2024

Thank you to our 45 volunteers on today's Walmer Beach Clean. Some 40kilos of rubbish found. 

Our next community beach clean is on Sunday March 17th 10am at Sandown Castle end of the beach 

#PickDealClean #beachclean

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Gleaning in Preston 1st Feb 2024

 Thanks to our gleaning volunteers - managed to get back into the field for some cauliflower and broccoli this week with over 350kgs collected

We just worked out the 20.5tons of produce we collected in 2023 over 60 gleans equates to some 48.9k meals! thats a lot

If you  are interested in joining us in the field or are a food charity which could use some fresh local produce please get in touch 

Monday, January 1, 2024

NYD Deal Beach Clean 1st January 2024


Thank you to our 50+ volunteers on today's New Years Day Deal Beach Clean - over 60 kilos of rubbish picked up plus we had our colleagues from East Kent Climate Action with their 'Waves' installation on Plastic in the sea.

Our next Beach Clean is on Sunday 4th February 10am Walmer Green (meet near Sea Cafe)

Happy New Year all

Thanks to Chris Mansfield for the photos

Thursday, December 28, 2023

New Year's Day Deal Beach Clean 1st January 2024


Our first Community Deal Beach Clean of 2024 is on Bank Holiday Monday 1st January 10am Deal Pier.

Equipment supplied.

Happy New Year

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Xmas Walmer Beach Clean 10th Dec 2023


Thank you to our 20 volunteers on today's Walmer Beach Clean.... 9bags collected about 45kilos.

Mince pies and Xmas hats in evidence.

Our next one is Jan 1st Deal Pier 10am

#pickdealclean #beachcleans

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sandown Castle Beach Clean 19th Nov 2023



Thank you to our 20 volunteers on this mornings Sandown Castle Beach Clean ....about 5 bags collected not including the two car tyres!

Our next one is Sunday 10th Dec at Sea Cafe Walmer ....there maybe mince 🥧 pies

#Beachclean #PickDealClean

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Deal Beach Clean 24th September 2023

Thank you our 17 volunteers on today's Deal Beach Clean. 
Beach was pretty good today with only 5 bags collected.

Our next dates:
October 29 Walmer Castle Beach 10am
November 19th Sandown Castle 10am
December 10th Walmer Beach 10am
January 1st Deal Pier 10am

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Asian Hornets Alert

Help is urgently needed to identify and report the Asian hornet. This arrived in France from China and has spread across Europe. It is not yet established in England but 6 nests have been found so far this year in Dover and Folkestone Districts. You may find it in your garden or in wasps traps – if you use them. 

How can you report a sighting? 
Take a photograph If in doubt go to: 
Contact your local Asian Hornet coordinator who will help you identify the insect using the map at: Asian Hornet Team map | British Beekeepers Association ( 

If certain it is an Asian Hornet, download the Asian Hornet Watch App and follow the instructions. This is an easy way to report sightings. 

If you don't have the App email your photos or videos to:

Why will they be such a big problem?
 Asian Hornets are more defensive than wasps and our native hornet. In other countries they are known to build their nests in sheltered sites such as sheds, roof spaces and garages, sometimes hedgerows and thickets. If their numbers increase, more members of the public will inevitably come into contact with them. Their sting is very venomous and people who normally do not react to wasp stings have been known to be hospitalized. Asian Hornets are known to feed on many different types of insects including butterflies, moths, beetles and many types of bees. Many of these are vital pollinators and also form a key part of the food chain for birds and small mammals. Loss of these insects will also cause loss of these birds, bats and other mammals.

Honey lovers. Asian Hornets also target honeybees. This will inevitably result in a reduced number of honey bees colonies and the associated honey crop.

What does the Asian hornet look like? 
See pictures. Its main features are: orangey face, mainly black body, one broad yellow band on its abdomen, mostly yellow legs, approx. 2 cm long. It bigger than wasps but smaller than the European Hornet.
Thank you for your help.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Open Day Captains Garden 8th May 2023


Open Day - Chance to see this 300yr old walled garden opposite Deal Castle which is being brought back into community use by volunteers.

Free to enter - donations to the garden always welcome

Some rough music, rougher cakes and tool-shed tea. Asell as info on the garden and the volunteers plans

NB: There is no parking on site - please use the Castle or Tides public car parks
NB: We have no toilets at the garden
NB: The garden is still a Work-In-Progress so paths can be rough in places with wild bits nettles, brambles and fox holes etc. There is a step down at the entrance. So please be careful.
Dogs welcome with well behaved owners on leads