Thursday, December 15, 2022

Last big Glean of 2022 !


Massive thank you to all the gleaning volunteers - from Hythe, Deal & Canterbury - who braved a very cold morning and orchard.

About 1.3 tons of Braeburn apples collected from Miller & Bradley Farm in Eastry for FareShare Kent and local food charities and schools in East Kent.

Many thanks for david bradley for hosting us.

Special thanks to the Deal Contingent : Lucy, Renate, Lucia, Elaine G, Linda, Dave, Tim, Andrew, Sarah G & Steve

This glean takes the Deal total to 24 tons collected in 2022!
#gleaning #WeAreGleaners

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Sandown Beach Clean - 20th Nov 2022 10am

Our next community beach clean is at Sandown Castle end of the Deal beach - please meet for 10am at 
Sandown Castle Community Garden

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Fareshare Kent Apple Glean - 27th Oct 2022


Thank you to our brilliant 25 gleaning volunteers from Deal and Hythe. 

Another whopping 1.7 tons of apples saved today for FareShare Kent and local food charities Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet United Families UK Dover Pantry #wearegleaners #gleaning

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Walmer Castle Beach Clean 23rd Oct 2022


Thank you to 17 volunteers who braved this mornings rain on our community beach on Walmer Castle Beach. 

About 12 kgs collected today

Our nxt on the 20th Nov at Sandown #pickdealclean

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Glean for Felix 20th October 2022


Thank you to our 20 volunteers from Deal & Hythe gleaning groups and Paul at AC Hulme for hosting us. 1.7 tons of apples collected for The Felix Project and local food charities in East Kent @feedbackorg #WeareGleaners #dealwithit #gleaning .

Big thanks to the Deal volunteers ... Lucy, Lucia, Linda, Clair, Melissa, Andrew, Jill, Mark and Steve who not only spend a few wet hours picking but also then deliver to about 20 local charities and schools

We are gleaning for Fareshare Kent next Thursday 27th October nr Elmstone to register you interest.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Massive apple glean 13th October


Massive 1.9 ton Apple Glean today for FareShare Kent and local food charities & schools in Thanet, Dover and Shepway districts.

Our produce went to as well to Fareshare:

  • Dover Foodbank
  • Dover Pantry
  • Sunrise Cafe Dover
  • Salvation Army Deal
  • United Families
  • Age UK Deal
  • Sandwich Pantry
  • Our Kitchen Pantry
  • Thanet Primary Schools
  • Eyethorne Primary
  • Hornbeam Primary
  • Sandown Primary
  • BECHANGE Aylesham

Thank you to our volunteers from Deal & Hythe and AC Hulme for hosting us. 

Nxt one on 20/10. 

#WeAreGleaners #gleaning 

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Felix Glean 6th October 2022

Thank you all our volunteers from Deal (Jill, Andrew, Mark, John, Lucy, Clair, Elaine Isbelle & Steve) & Hythe on a massive apple glean of 1.6 tons for The Felix Project and local food charities @feedbackorg Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet Dover Pantry
@unitedfamilyuk Bechange #Wearegleaners #gleaning.

We are doing it again next Thursday 13th for Fareshare Kent

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Mega Glean 4th August 2022

Thank you to all our gleaning volunteers today .... one of biggest yet with 49 people on it from Deal, Hythe and The Felix Project.

Special thx to our Deal Volunteers - Lucy & family, Clair, Jill, Andrew, Elaine G, Sarah G, Sandra, Sally, Tim, John T, Julie, Helen, Sonia & Steve

Local food charities supported Deal Foodbank, Deal Salvation Army, Sandwich Pantry, Bechange Aylesham, Dover Foodbank, Dover Pantry , United Families, Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet Big Drum, sunrisecafe, Emmaus, Talk It Out

We collected over a ton of cherries and plums and are very grateful to all at AC Hulme farm for hosting us. #gleaning #wearegleaners #DealWithIt

We Glean most weeks - join our mailing list

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Spud & Plum Glean 28th July 2022

Double Glean today - 400kilos of spuds and 160kilos of plums. Thank you to our great volunteers - Lucy, Jill, Elaine M, Elaine G, Clair, Sarah, Sandra & Steve - and farmers at T&S Bradley & AC Hulme Farms. Same again next week but with a cherry on top :)

Food going to:
  • Deal Foodbank
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Deal Age uk
  • Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet
  • Dover Foodbank
  • Dover Pantry
  • United Families
  • BeChange Aylesham
  • SunRise Community Cafe
  • Emmanus Dover

#Gleaning #WeareGleaners

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Deal Carnival Beach Clean Sunday 24th July 2022


Thank you to our volunteers on todays afternoon beach clean to coincide with the start of the town carnival week.

Our next one will be on Sunday 21st August at 9:30 meet at Sea Cafe on Walmer Green

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sandown Beach Clean 26th June 2022


Thank you to our 22 volunteers on todays Sandown Castle Beach Clean. About 18 kilos collected today. 

Our next beach clean will be in Carnival Week Sunday 24th July meet on prom in front of Deal Castle at 4pm #pickdealclean

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sandown Beach Clean 26th June 2022

Community Beach Clean this Sunday 26th June 9:30am Deal Beach (Sandown Castle Community Garden end) - all welcome #PickDealClean

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Wingham Glean 9th June 2022

Thank you to our gleaning volunteers today - lucy, elaine m, elaine g, mark, linda, clair & steve - for todays haul of 580 kilos of potatoes and cabbage going to local food charities
  • Deal Foodbank
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Deal Age UK
  • Sandwich Pantry
  • Dover Foodbank
  • Dover Pantry
  • Our Kitchen Thanet
  • United Families Deal
  • Emmanus Dover
  • BECHANGE Aylesham
  • Big Drum Canterbury
  • Hornbeam School
  • Sandown School
  Many thx to farmer hosts stephen & trevor bradley

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Captains Garden June 5th Open Day

Thank you to our 225 visitors at today's Open Day at the Captain's Garden at Deal Castle and to your generous donations some £381. 

Massive thanks to all our volunteers who made today happen ( Jenny, Penny, Sonja, Anna, Kris, Lucy, Eileen, Philippa, Eilnor, Jeremy & Steve) plus our wonderful musicians (Steve G, Pat, Steve H, Rose, Lynda, Anna-Stina)

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Felix Cabbage Glean 31st May 2022

Deal With It Gleaners

Massive thank you to our volunteers - Linda, Lucy, Sarah, Elaine G, Clair, Elaine M, Mark & Steve - on todays cabbage glean for the The Felix Project food charity we collected some 680kilos or some 884 sweetheart cabbages.

 Thanks to Kate from Felix and farmers Trevor and Stephen Bradley #gleaning #WeAreGleaners

Today's glean takes us to over 10 tons of food collected and some 20 gleans  so far in 2022. 

For joining our mailist or offers to host gleans

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Walmer Castle Beach Clean 29th May 2022


Thank you our 28 volunteers on todays Walmer Castle Beach Clean.

 About 38 kilos of rubbish collected. #beachclean #pickdealclean

Our next one is at the Sandown castle end of the beach on Sunday 26th June 9.30am

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wingham Glean 26th May 2022

Busy glean today in Wingham - spuds and cabbage plus a visit from phd researchers on food waste and @bbcsoutheast on food poverty

Thx to Trevor & Stephen Bradley our host farmer and our volunteers today Clair, Lucy, Elaine, Sally, Sarah, Lucia & Steve

Local food charities our 509 kgs collected today

  • Deal Food Bank
  • Dover Food Bank
  • Dover Pantry
  • Our Kitchen on Thanet
  • Sandwich Pantry
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Deal Age UK
  • United Families
  • Hornbeam Primary School
  • BEChange Aylesham

#wearegleaners @feedbackorg #gleaning

Want to get involved or a farmer who could support us please email

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Triple Glean 28th April 2022

Thank you to volunteers - Elaine, Lucy, Jack, Clair, Jill, Mark, Linda & Steve - for todays triple glean of spuds, cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli. 

Some 637 kilos of produce going to local food charities: 

  • Dover Foodbank
  • Dover Pantry
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Deal Age Uk
  • United Families
  • Our Kitchen Thanet
  • Big Drum Canterbury
  • Eythorne Primary
  • Sandown Primary
  • Hornbeam Primary
  • BECHANGE Aylesham

Thanks again for trevor bradley for hosting us

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Felix Cabbage Glean 21st April 2022

Thank you to our gleaning volunteers - Jill, Linda, Elaine w, Elaine m, Lucia, Lucy, Clair & Steve - on todays mega glean for London Food Charity (The Felix project) with colleagues from Hythe.

We gathered one ton of cabbages for Felix plus some 564 kilos of potatoes, cabbages & purple sprouting broccoli for local food charities: 
  • Deal Foodbank
  • Dover Foodbank
  • Our Kitchen Thanet
  • Dover Pantry
  • United Families
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Eythorne Primary School
  • Hornbeam Primary School
  • Sandown Primary School
  • Big Drum Canterbury

Appreciate the kindness of our farmer hosts trevor and stephen at Boundary Rd Farm 

#gleaning #WeAreGleaners

Monday, April 18, 2022

Captain's Garden Easter Open Day 2022

Thank you to our 377 visitors today to the Captain's Garden.
We hope you enjoyed your visit You donated at least £445 and that is much appreciated by us.

Big thanks to our volunteers who made the day so successful - Penny, Jenny, Lucy, Rafi, Anna, Elinor, Jeremy, Phillipa & Steve plus our colleagues from Tony & Grand-daughter from the beekeepers, Deal Hop Farm and Pick Deal Clean.
Special thanks to our musicians whose tunes went down very well
We are sorting out our Summer Open Day but probably in June

Photo Maddie4Music

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Cabbage Glean 13th April 2022

Thank you to our volunteers Sonja, Clair, Julie, Mark & Steve on today's 514 kilo Potato and Cabbage Glean. Lots of thanks to farmer Trevor at Boundary Rd Farm for hosting us.

Today's total takes us over 6 tons of food saved from waste and supporting food charitiesso far this year.

Food going to Dover Food Bank, Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet, Dover Pantry, Sandwich Pantry, Bechange Community Hub and United Families UK, Sunrise Cafe Dover, Deal Age UK

We are Gleaning cabbages again next Thursday 21st April

Sunday, April 10, 2022

#GreatBritishSpringClean Deal Beach Clean 10th April 2022

Thank you to our 20 volunteers on today's Deal Beach Clean - some 36kilos collected today on the last day of #GreatBritishSpringClean #PickDealClean. 

Lots of high water plastic today and plastic remains of fireworks 

Our next Community Beach Clean is on Sunday 29th May at Walmer Castle Beach at 9:30am

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Deal Pier Beach Clean postponed to 10th April

We have decided to postpone tomorrows beach clean at Deal Pier to the following Sunday 10th April - apologies COVID related.... 

Next Sunday is still part of the #GreatBritishSpringClean. 

If you feel like beach cleaning tomorrow our colleagues at Kingsdown have their beach clean from 10:30am

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Triple Glean 24th March 2022

Thank you to our triple gleaning team - Jill, Lucy, Clair, Elaine, Sarah & Steve - some 528kgs of spuds & cabbage plus 20 boxes of purple sprouting broccoli. 

Massive thanks yet again to Boundary Rd Farm for their generousness 

All going to local food charities this week
  •  Deal Foodbank, 
  • Sandwich Pantry 
  • Dover Pantry 
  • Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet , 
  • Bechange Community Hub ,
  • Dover FB, 
  • 3xPrimary schools, 
  • The bigdrumcafe
  •  United Families UK

Gleaning on the 31st ... contact for details

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Wassailing at the Captains Garden

Thank you to everyone (some 287 of you) who came Wassailing today at the Captains Garden - A lovely welcome to the start of our Orchard & a good wake up for our Hops! 

Big thanks to the Deal Hop Farm Scratch band (esp Steve Grayland & Rose Dowd for the research, music & organising) for running the music and celebration despite the windy conditions. 

Big thanks to Kerry from Time & Tide Brewing for the samples to toast with, our beekeepers Tony & granddaughter, Lyn from NGS, the volunteers from the DHF for running their stall (Marita, Jane, John & Charles) and our great captains garden volunteers (Penny, Jenny, Rafi, Elieen, Lucy & Steve) for everything els

Our next Open Day will be on Easter Monday 18th April