Thursday, March 31, 2016

Victoria's Green Matters - 31st March 2016

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury:

On the face of it, soil does not seem to be a very interesting subject but where would we be without it? Well, we would not be anywhere at all since we rely on soil to provide all the food we eat, one way or another.

It is quite alarming to realise that we are losing our soil very quickly. The global human population is rising and to house all these people, towns and cities are getting larger and do not provide food for this increased population. The remaining land – about 15% of the Earth’s land area – is being degraded by mismanagement, carelessness or ignorance.

Soil, and in particular, peat, is a major store of carbon in the form of organic matter. To lose this is detrimental to soil quality and therefore to soil fertility, stability and air and water retention. Digging or ploughing soil and mining peat releases carbon into the atmosphere. It is thought that agricultural ploughing releases more carbon every year than deforestation.

The best way to keep our garden soil healthy is to add ordinary garden compost which we can all make at home and we don’t need spades but earthworms to take down, digest and incorporate it to give us good, productive soil.

So as our gardening year begins in earnest we should all endeavour to improve our soil by adding compost for the worms to work on, cut back on the digging – or stop completely! – and choose the right plant for your soil.

Victoria Nicholls. Transition Deal.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Kingsdown Beach Annual Clean 3rd April

Kingsdown Beach Annual clean is on  Sunday 3rd April
10.00am -noon meet by Zetland Arms for registration

organised by Ringwould & Kingsdown Parish Council

All volunteers are requested to wear suitable clothing, gloves and footwear

Litter picks and Rubbish Sacks provided

All will be made aware of published risk assessment

No unaccompanied children can participate

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Canterbury Skills Share

Canterbury Skillshare
April 9th – St Peters Methodist Church Hall, Canterbury

09:00          Set up for stalls – local groups

09.30          Arrivals and orientation

10:00         Plenary Session - The State of the World – global to local issues. The Perfect Storm?
                   Linking the local and global issues, making abstract issues relevant

10:30         The ladder of involvement
Group workshop on activism – how it works, what it means – Facilitator: Huw

11:00          Skills Workshop #1: Now listen to me…
Street/Local/Personal campaigning: how to approach the public/friends/colleagues, communication training, (Break out groups) – Facilitators: Sue, Jean

11:45          Skills Workshop #2: It’s all your fault!
Persuading the decision makers; local MP/Councils (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Tim

12.30          Skills Workshop #3: Tune in, turn on…
Using Social Media and communication: how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, How to get on TV, writing letters and articles etc. to make your case (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Paula

13:00          Lunch and Soapbox
Bring your own lunch
Includes the soapbox - An opportunity to get things off your chest for a minute

13:30          Skills Workshop Session #4: Let’s Get Organised
Choose one of:

I can’t do this by myself!: recruitment and retention, leadership development (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Julie
You have got to be kidding me!: dealing with Monckton et al (combating those self-interested views). Don’t rely on logic and evidence! (Break out groups)- Facilitator: Roy

14:15         Skills Workshop Session #5: Work for idle hands.
Choose one of:

Mucking about: Recycling skills with Polka Dot Arts, knot tying, banner making, props etc (Break out groups)
Give me your money!: Fundraising to keep us going (Break out groups)

15:00          Tea Break & Cause Bazaar

15:15         Skills Workshop Session #6: Then they come for you…
Non-Violent-Direct-Action training; Occupy the High Street, how to deal with arrest – just for fun – Facilitator: John

16:00          Roundup, feedback and pleas for help
How can you help? Leaving with new group members, enthusiasm and determination.- Facilitator: Sadie

16:30          Close

Sign up at Eventbrite:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Holiday Club at the Pines

Easter Holiday Club - 4-8 April
Holiday Club is on from 4-8 April and places are going fast!
New Location

Holiday Club will be held down the road at The Pines Garden in St Margaret's Bay this Easter. There is plenty of parking and 6 acres of organic parkland for your kids to enjoy. It's just 9 min drive from Rippledown towards Dover via the A258. Take the turning for St Margaret's. The Pines Garden is just before you reach the bay.

Read more about Holiday Club here

Kids from 7-11 can join us. Pick up and drop off at:

The Pines Garden
Beach Road, St Margaret's Bay, Dover
CT15 6DZ
Please call 01304 851 737 to book.

£25 per day or £100 per week

We look forward to seeing you!

Very Best

The Rippledown Team