Monday, March 31, 2014

Deal Garden Share - Looking for a grower in Walmer, Cornwall Rd area

We are looking for a Garden Share Grower in the Walmer, Cornwall Rd area. 

Small growing area approx 3x4m in south facing garden, own access and water butt / tool shed.

If you are interested in finding out more please email or phone Steve on 01304 372673

Sunday, March 30, 2014

East Kent Transition Gathering 30th March

We had the first of 2014's East Kent Transition Gatherings this afternoon in Whitstable. 

This is a twice yearly event for an informal networking between all transition groups in East Kent. 

Today's event was at the Stream Walk Community Garden hosted by Transition town Whitstable. There was about 35 people from transition groups & projects in Whitstable, Canterbury, Dover, Ashford and Deal. 12 DWIers manged to attend.

The history of garden was very interesting. Its now three years old based on a 7 yr lease of an old allotment in the town which imposes some constraints on building as it all needs planning permission.

The garden is subject to both flooding from the stream and drought - so an interesting site grow things on.

Laid out on good permaculture principles with nice features like compost toilet, education area and Facebook site
coming soon tea /cafe area. An inspiring site to visit with fantastic work being done from TT Whitstable. For more details see their

Jo Barker  from Canterbury TT faciliated the afternoon and  spoke about the Permaculture International Conference in 2015 & how we could get involved

From the round up:

  • Eco screenings
  • Workshops on inner transition
  • Transition Streets at Addisham
  • Book swap
  • Bike mend coming up
  • as well as the Stream walk...
  • Library Beds site in the centre of town
  • Timebanking project
  • Social Business network via blue banana
  • Community Garden got funding & go ahead from DDC
  • Eden Project coming to Greening Dover 7th June
  • Deal has ended its status as the oldest muller in transition and now is 'offical'
  • Deal station Community garden expansion on platforms
  • Started 3 pop-up meadows on waste land in the town
  • 2nd year of the Landmark Community Garden on the High Street of Year (!)
  • Deal Seedy Saturday seed & plant swap on 22nd May
  • Deal beach clean on 4th May
  • Energy Fair in October
  • Attending the Eco-fair in Canterbury on 17th May

Many thanks to our hosts at Whitstable and our car sharers from Deal.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Deal's BigDig day 2 - Meadow Making @ Deal Station

The weather was a lot kinder to us this weekend, rather than the hail & rain our volunteers endured last week.

Dave had done sterling work during the week to do a second dig and with all the bricks and rocks he dug out even manage to build a rockery at the end of the site.

We had donation of tons of Daffodil's bulbs from the Adelaide Cafe at Hacklinge ... have to see if they are viable next year but all planted.

We had two tons of toil soil delivered to the waste land on the Ramsgate side of the station to give a good base to the 115sq m we cleared the week before.

After getting that spread and the Poppy and Golden Coreopsis seeds sowed we formed a Green-Line dance to tread the the seeds in.

We had enough energy to work on two more mini-meadows: One on triangle of waste land in the Car Park - where we have
also planted a crab apple tree

and the third mini-meadow on the waste land in front of the telephone exchange opposite the Coop.

Next weekend 5th April we need volunteers to help soiling up the new planters on the Ramsgate Platform and completing the Phone Exchange area.

A big thank you to our 14 volunteers today and to Rose & Adrian for their version of the 'World Turned upside down' .... Thank you Diggers all!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Victoria's Green Matters - 27th March 2014

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury

We keep hearing about ‘clean coal’ – what an oxymoron this is! Maybe burning coal to produce electricity with the use of ‘carbon capture and storage’ (CCS) could be referred to as cleaner coal with the resulting emissions similar to that of burning natural gas but neither are truly ‘clean’ and carbon free.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA is using CCS to justify continuing to burn the dirtiest of fossil fuels at a power plant in Mississippi while still making cuts to the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions needed to avoid disastrous climate change.

CCS is extremely expensive – upwards of £3bn at the Mississippi plant – and is really, on a commercial scale for energy production, unproven technology, although it is already in use in other industries. The captured carbon dioxide from this plant is due to be pumped directly to two nearby enhanced oil recovery companies.

President Barack Obama has a tough job to fight climate change in the USA; the largest source of CO2 is energy production and CCS offers a way to reduce emissions. Surely, the money would be better spent on conserving energy in a country so prolific in its use.

The increase in global temperatures is dangerously approaching the point where it will be too late for any action to have a noticeable effect so it is imperative that something is done quickly. Conservation of energy is an absolute must, whether it is domestic or business use or in buildings themselves.

Victoria Nicholls. Transition Deal.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Planters for Deal Station Garden

We took delivery last friday of the two new planters for the Ramsgate platform at Deal Station Garden.

These were made locally at Ripplevale School who also donated them to the project. We thank the pupils and staff for their generous donation.

The team will be getting soil and compost in on Saturday 5th April and planting starts on 12th April. New volunteers are always welcome. please conatc Sarah & Alan at or see our FB groups

Thank you to Sally for for the pics

Monday, March 24, 2014

East Kent Transition Gathering this Sunday

FREE EVENT For groups and individuals interested in a gentle TRANSITION to a resilient, abundant, low carbon life style together in East Kent .

From 2-4pm starting at The Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable for our friendly get together then down to the
lovely Stream Walk Community Garden for an inspiring tour.

Do come to this special gathering of transitional activists and hear about other positive community, environmental, sustainability, 'transition town' initiatives that are going on all across East Kent and beyond. Meet like minded and like hearted folk.

Hosted by Whitstable Transition.

Horsebridge Centre: 11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1AF

Stream Walk Community Garden: Stream Walk Footpath, halfway between Cromwell Road and Old Bridge Road, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 

DEAL WITH IT: We have a number of cars going on Sunday from Deal @ 1pm - send a email if you want a lift

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Victoria's Green Matters - 20th March 2014

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury

Have you ever heard of ‘bio-diversity offsetting’? This wonderful scheme would enable developers to build anywhere as long as they provided an alternative site for any wildlife that they may disturb.

The government, backed by landowners and developers, has stated that any damage to the environment will be compensated for by bio-diversity offsetting and there will be no overall loss of diversity. In excess of 140 environmental and development groups, including Friends of the Earth and Save Our Woods (UK) have signed a statement condemning these plans.

Reports from Australia, where offsetting has been employed for some time, show that deforestation has increased in one state and that there is a disparity between the principles and practice of offsetting. Research has shown that it is not feasible to devastate wildlife in one site and easily re-establish it in another – it simply does not work like that. There are six pilot offsetting schemes currently underway in Britain but since they are as yet unfinished, we do not know how successful or not they have been.

The government has already relaxed planning laws to allow more development and bio-diversity offsetting is obviously about allowing more intensive development where land prices are high by offsetting wildlife into areas where land is cheaper. This goes hand in hand with the ‘greenest government ever’ allowing development on high grade agricultural land instead of the many brown field sites that remain undeveloped.

Surely, more considered planning is the way to protect and increase our wildlife. Victoria Nicholls. Transition Deal

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deal's Big Dig - Weekend One

We had a fantastic response to our Big Dig meadow making at the Deal Station today. 

The idea is transform the waste ground on the Ramsgate Side  (it use to be a lovely Victorian Ticket Office which they demolished in 1970) into Poppy and Golden Coreopsis meadow this year.

 Its part of our idea to transform 'unloved' pockets of land in the town into attractive, bee-wildlife friendly mini-meadows and way of remembering the 10million dead of WWI with mini-meadows.

We had about 25 volunteers out today in a 'all-seasons' weather morning. Who worked really hard to
clear about 115sq m.

Massive thank you to all those diggers, rubblish clearers and the blessed cakemakers who worked so hard today.

Next weekend 29th March we doing a second dig, adding some topsoil and sowing our Poppy & Golden Coreopsis mix. Please if you got some time pop down - we start about 10am to 12.

Landmark Community Garden progress ...

Imogen completed our cool recycled and willow raised beds today ... looking good for planting

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gleaning day on 29th March nr Broadstairs

We're really excited for 2014! In 2013, we already gleaned approximately 48 tonnes of produce, equal to over 200,000 meals, with over 200 volunteers across 18 gleaning days. We launched gleaning hubs in Kent, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Bristol, London and Manchester, and we hope over the comingyear to expand to other regions like Lincolnshire and Scotland. We also achieved extensive media coverage, including Channel 4's River Cottagethe GuardianBBC Radio 4's Food Programme and Al Jazeera.
In 2014, we hope to do far more!

We're happy to announce that we've found thousands of earthy brassicas going to waste, ready for gleaning. It's on a farm we've gleaned from many times before, who enjoyed having us in February so much that they've invited us back! Last month, we managed to salvage nearly 2 tonnes of cabbages and cauliflowers that would otherwise have been wasted, and we hope to do the same again! Join us in the fields of Kent!
Gleaning day on Saturday 29th March 10am-5pm (TBC):
Join the Arable Spring! Join us for an idyllic day on a farm near Broadstairs in the Kent countryside, saving literally tonnes of delicious brassica that would otherwise have been wasted for charity. All the food will be going to charities dealing with food poverty via our good friends FareShare in London. Travel expenses are covered for those travelling from Kent and London – just check with us first!

Please join us in the fields! If you can make it, please contact me at to confirm whether you can make the whole day, and send me your phone number and where you’ll be travelling from (e.g. London, Kent, etc.) so we can group you with fellow travel companions. We’ll then send you finalized details closer to the time. Please get in touch asap so we have an idea of numbers – the more people we have, the more brassica we can save! Also, please do check whether you can make it, as lots of drop outs at the last minute can jeopardise the gleaning day going ahead!

Please spread the word to your friends and networks
, and do recommend any groups you think we should get in touch with!
We're also looking for a driver to transport the produce from the farm to FareShare in London - if you'd be interested in driving a van (normal driving license required) for the day, then please get in touch!

If you can't join us this time, watch this space – we’ll have more gleaning days coming up over the coming year!
See you in the fields!
Many thanks,
Haven’t signed the Feeding the 5000 pledge yet? Go to and make your voice heard!
What is Gleaning?
Gleaning Network UK, recently featured on BBC Radio 4's Food Programme and Al Jazeera, and organised by Tristram Stuart and Feeding the 5,000, is an exciting new initiative to save the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on UK farms every year. Farmers across the country often have no choice but to leave tonnes of their crops unharvested and get ploughed back in the soil. These crops often cannot reach the market either because they fail to meet the retail strict cosmetic standards or because of overproduction.

We coordinate teams of volunteers, local farmers and food redistribution charities in order to salvage this fresh, nutritious food and direct it to those that need it most, such as homeless hostels and charities. To date, we have salvaged several tonnes of excellent unmarketable British produce, including apples, cabbages, cauliflowers, spring greens and kale, and redistributed them to charities such as FareShare and the Best Before Project. Here's some more info, our video, and pictures of our last gleaning day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DWI Spring Events roundup

20th March Thursday - Free Films at the Pines Calyx. 7:30pm Occupy Love. We do have a couple of cars going so please let us know if you want a lift.

21st March Friday - Deal Station Garden. Our new planters arrive at 9:30am so if you have some time please contact Alan on 01304-389553

Every Saturday - Landmark Community Garden from about 10:30-1pm. New volunteers always welcome. Please contact Steve 01304 372673 or Imogen if you want to help.

22nd March & 29th March Saturday 10am-12pm. The Big Dig.
We are trying to transform the waste ground on the Ramsgate side of Deal Rail Station into a mini-meadow.

We need to clear the ground of annual weeds and need some volunteers for both sessions. We will need lots of willing hands to do this - so please do see if you can spare some time.

We will have some tools but please bring your-own (folks, spades, racks) if you have them and gloves. We have already done a small triangle in the Car park and are working on the waste ground in front of Deal telephone exchange.

The idea is to transform these eyesores into a bee & wildlife friendly areas, make them attractive but also as we are using a poppy mix to remember the 10m dead of WW1. Please contact Steve if you can help

30th March Sunday - East Kent Transition Gathering at Whitstable Steamwalk Community Garden 2pm. First get-to-together of 2014 the transition groups in Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury, Hythe, Folkestone, Thanet and Deal. We have a couple of cars going so if interested contact

5th April & 12th April Saturday 10-12pm Deal Station Garden group. First Saturday need volunteers to help soil-up the new planters we have. The second is the planting day. Please contact Sarah or Alan 01304-389553.

9th April Wednesday 11am & 7:30pm Films at the Pines Calyx - Project Wild Thing

Beach Cleans - the end of April/May is the Marine Conservation Society's Beach Watch event so a lot are clustered together

26th April  Saturday - Kingsdown Conservation society have one at Kingsdown Beach from 10:30am at the Zetland.

30th April Wednesday - M&S corporate one at Deal Pier 10am.

4th May Sunday - 9am DWI one meet at Deal Pier (we will do the bits that the Weds one does not do). Wendy & Sue Organising

17th May Saturday - Canterbury Eco-Fest (DWI Stall)

24th May Saturday 11am-1pm Deal Seedy Saturday @ the Landmark Community Garden. Seed & plant Swap. Imogen & Tracy organising

Monday, March 17, 2014

Marine Conservation Zones step closer nr Deal-Dover

From Kent Wildlife Trust

Marine Conservation Zones
February brought the encouraging news that three more Kent sites are on Defra’s candidate list for the second tranche of Marine Conservation Zone designations, due to be made in 2015.

Kent Wildlife Trust has strong links with each of these sites: The Swale recommended MCZ, adjacent to where we manage land. Dover to Deal and Dover to Folkestone - two sites below Dover’s white cliffs, where our Shoresearch and Seasearch volunteers have collected significant amounts of data to support designation.

These sites will need your support to ensure they make it through the consultation process to designation and protection.

Please contact if you would like to become a ‘Friend’ of these sites and receive updates on how to help. Click here for more information   Crab Bay © Bryony Chapman

We need you on the Deal Big Dig - Saturday 22nd/29th March

We are trying to transform the waste ground on the Ramsgate side of Deal Rail Station into a mini-meadow.

We need to clear the ground of annual weeds and need some volunteers for both sessions (on the 22nd and 29th March).

We will have some tools but please bring your-own (folks, spades, racks) if you have them and gloves.

We have already done a small triangle in the Car park and are working on the waste ground in front of Deal telephone exchange.

The idea is to transform these eyesores into a bee & wildlife friendly areas, make them attractive but also as we are using a poppy mix to remember the 10m dead of WW1.

We will need lots of willing hands to do this - so please do see if you can spare some time.

Both sessions will start at 10am and finish by Noon.

Please contact Steve if you can help

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Films at Pines Calyx - Thursday 20th March 7:30


Calyx Films by the Sea

The Bay Trust will be screening a series of educational films depicting various aspects of sustainable living, at the Pines Calyx throughout 2014.  The first film is called Occupy Love, an inspirational film that explores how to create a new peaceful world of health and happiness, for all to enjoy.

Free Entrance* - Licensed Bar – Popcorn available – Doors open 7pm

* Donations welcomed to cover license fees

Occupy Love
Captures the heart of the movement of movements that is sweeping the planet in response to today’s economic and environmental crises. ‘Philosopher-filmmaker’ Velcrow Ripper travels to history-making hot spots, asking the question, ‘How can crisis create a love story?’ Scenes include the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square, Spain’s Indignado movement, Occupy Wall Street NYC, The Maple Spring in Quebec, and indigenous activists at the Alberta Tar Sands. The film explores the aspects of this arising that take the form of what Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘Love in action.’ Woven throughout is a deep exploration on the meaning and importance of ‘public love’ – the love of humanity, the love of the planet.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another busy community gardening day in Deal ,,,

Another great weekend in Deal and for our Community Gardening projects:

The Landmark Community Garden is looking better with each week. We are starting to sow seed and planning the planting. Lots of great feedback on Imogen's woven raised beds at the front. All the green manure (we use mustard) is now all dug in. If you want get involved email imogen at or ring Steve 01304 372673

We just heard that the Subsidence issue on the waste land at Deal Rail Station is now resolved so are looking at dates for a 'Big Dig' to transform that land into one of our mini-meadows.

All looks good for the new planters on the platform coming on Friday 21st March. We are soiling up on the 5th April and planting on the 12th April. We will need lots of help on all those days. Please contact Sarah & Alan at or 01304 389553

 Also work has started on waste land in front of the telephone exchange by our guerrilla gardeners.

Again we want to transform this eyesore into a bee friendly wild-flower area.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Victoria's Green Matters - 13th March 2014

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column in the East Kent Mercury:

Despite the fact that we have suffered our wettest winter for 200 years and despite our little island being assaulted by some of the most vicious storms ever seen, some people are not able to believe what is happening is climate change. Misleading articles in the popular press and some political parties have much to answer for, but the facts speak for themselves.

A global assessment of the impacts of climate change is due to be published next week. This has measured the effects on the world’s food supplies, human health, cities and rural areas.

The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that each of the last three decades has been warmer than the last. It cannot be denied that extreme weather events have been on the increase, both in frequency and intensity.

The effects of these changes are many. Crop yields have been falling by 2% per decade – bad enough in itself – but populations are increasing by 14% per decade. Because sea levels are rising there is coastal erosion and flooding and this will lead to millions of people being displaced.

A winter like the one we have just had could be looked upon as fluke if taken by itself but multiply that by the number of very strange weather occurrences around the world and the picture is of abnormality becoming the norm.

Whether man has or has not been responsible for climate change, shouldn’t we work on the precautionary principle and try to offset those changes?

Victoria Nicholls. Transition Deal.