Saturday, March 29, 2014

Deal's BigDig day 2 - Meadow Making @ Deal Station

The weather was a lot kinder to us this weekend, rather than the hail & rain our volunteers endured last week.

Dave had done sterling work during the week to do a second dig and with all the bricks and rocks he dug out even manage to build a rockery at the end of the site.

We had donation of tons of Daffodil's bulbs from the Adelaide Cafe at Hacklinge ... have to see if they are viable next year but all planted.

We had two tons of toil soil delivered to the waste land on the Ramsgate side of the station to give a good base to the 115sq m we cleared the week before.

After getting that spread and the Poppy and Golden Coreopsis seeds sowed we formed a Green-Line dance to tread the the seeds in.

We had enough energy to work on two more mini-meadows: One on triangle of waste land in the Car Park - where we have
also planted a crab apple tree

and the third mini-meadow on the waste land in front of the telephone exchange opposite the Coop.

Next weekend 5th April we need volunteers to help soiling up the new planters on the Ramsgate Platform and completing the Phone Exchange area.

A big thank you to our 14 volunteers today and to Rose & Adrian for their version of the 'World Turned upside down' .... Thank you Diggers all!

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