Saturday, March 27, 2021

Deal Station Garden - Repairs, Painting and Tidy up sort of Week

The Deal Station Gardeners have been busy this week

Nick and Steve repaired one of the planters on the ramsgate side

And today Sonja, Penny, Charles, Vicky & Steve - painted them all and gave the planters a good tidy. and thx to Chris Mansfield for the Photos

The garden in the planters - which grows fruit and veg and edible flowers - has been going now for 8 years. If you would like to join in the fun please email Sonja at

A Deal Litter Diary - #21 March 2021 #PICKDEALCLEAN

I have a keen assistant at North Deal Community Park. 

A year 4 pupil who brought her gloves with her after school because she knew her small hands could reach under the slats of the wooden wall at the adventure playground. "There's all kinds of stuff down there!" 

At least the act of stuffing it where only junior pickers can reach means it won't be carried by the wind to join the swamp of plastic waste under the perimeter hedging that needed picking

#DealLitterDiary #PICKDealClean

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Monster Cauliflower Glean 9th March 2021 #Gleaning

Thank you to our Deal With It volunteers - Lucy, Sally, Jill, Judy and Steve - on today's monster Cauliflower Glean.
With our colleagues from the Hythe Community Environment Group we collected a wopping 1.4 tons.
About 800kgs is going to FareShare Kent and the rest to local food charities in Deal, Dover, Thanet and Shepway.

Big thank again to our host farmers Trevor and Stephen Bradley.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cauliflower Glean 2nd March 2021 - #WeAreGleaners #Gleaning

Our first field harvest today - some 375 kilos of Cauliflowers gleaned by our volunteers Julie, Jill, Sally, Lucy, Tim & Steve.

Many thanks to Trevor and Stephen Bradley at Boundary Road Farm for their kind donation

Cauliflowers are going to

  • Deal Foodbank
  • Dover Foodbank
  • BECHANGE Aylesham
  • Dover Pantry
  • Our Kitchen Thanet
  • United Families
  • Deal Salvation Army
  • Sandown Primary School
  • Hornbeam Primary School
  • Deal Aged Concern
  • Talk It Out
  • Felix Project (London Fareshare)

So far this year we have collected 1ton of potatoes, 100kgs of Apples and 375kilos of Cauliflowers in 9 gleans.

We will have another cauliflower glean next week - to get involved or if you are involved with a local food charity please contact us at

Deal With It is the local hub gleaning group and part of the East Kent Gleaning Network which is  supported by the food charity Feedback