Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Canterbury Skills Share

Canterbury Skillshare
April 9th – St Peters Methodist Church Hall, Canterbury

09:00          Set up for stalls – local groups

09.30          Arrivals and orientation

10:00         Plenary Session - The State of the World – global to local issues. The Perfect Storm?
                   Linking the local and global issues, making abstract issues relevant

10:30         The ladder of involvement
Group workshop on activism – how it works, what it means – Facilitator: Huw

11:00          Skills Workshop #1: Now listen to me…
Street/Local/Personal campaigning: how to approach the public/friends/colleagues, communication training, (Break out groups) – Facilitators: Sue, Jean

11:45          Skills Workshop #2: It’s all your fault!
Persuading the decision makers; local MP/Councils (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Tim

12.30          Skills Workshop #3: Tune in, turn on…
Using Social Media and communication: how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, How to get on TV, writing letters and articles etc. to make your case (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Paula

13:00          Lunch and Soapbox
Bring your own lunch
Includes the soapbox - An opportunity to get things off your chest for a minute

13:30          Skills Workshop Session #4: Let’s Get Organised
Choose one of:

I can’t do this by myself!: recruitment and retention, leadership development (Break out groups) – Facilitator: Julie
You have got to be kidding me!: dealing with Monckton et al (combating those self-interested views). Don’t rely on logic and evidence! (Break out groups)- Facilitator: Roy

14:15         Skills Workshop Session #5: Work for idle hands.
Choose one of:

Mucking about: Recycling skills with Polka Dot Arts, knot tying, banner making, props etc (Break out groups)
Give me your money!: Fundraising to keep us going (Break out groups)

15:00          Tea Break & Cause Bazaar

15:15         Skills Workshop Session #6: Then they come for you…
Non-Violent-Direct-Action training; Occupy the High Street, how to deal with arrest – just for fun – Facilitator: John

16:00          Roundup, feedback and pleas for help
How can you help? Leaving with new group members, enthusiasm and determination.- Facilitator: Sadie

16:30          Close

Sign up at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/greenpeace-skillshare-tickets-20830965980

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