Saturday, March 19, 2022

Wassailing at the Captains Garden

Thank you to everyone (some 287 of you) who came Wassailing today at the Captains Garden - A lovely welcome to the start of our Orchard & a good wake up for our Hops! 

Big thanks to the Deal Hop Farm Scratch band (esp Steve Grayland & Rose Dowd for the research, music & organising) for running the music and celebration despite the windy conditions. 

Big thanks to Kerry from Time & Tide Brewing for the samples to toast with, our beekeepers Tony & granddaughter, Lyn from NGS, the volunteers from the DHF for running their stall (Marita, Jane, John & Charles) and our great captains garden volunteers (Penny, Jenny, Rafi, Elieen, Lucy & Steve) for everything els

Our next Open Day will be on Easter Monday 18th April

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