Friday, October 14, 2011

East Kent FOE urge MPs to rethink Fracking

I am writing to ask you to sign and support EDM 2159.

The text is " That this house believes a moratorium should
be placed on onshore exploration, development and
production of coal bed methane, shale oil and shale gas by
withdrawing UK licences for hydraculic fracturing
(fracking), at least until the publication of a detailed
environmental impact assesment into the practice; notes
that hydraulic fracturing can cause the contamination of
local water sources such as aquifiers, which provide
about 30 per cent of the UKs water; further notes that
amongst a variety of adverse environmental impact,
the process of fracking can cause serious well blowouts
which put both workers and local communities at risk;
does not consider that the production of hard to reach
fossil fuels is compattibile with efforts to achieve the
statutory UK carbon budgets; and therefore. urges the
Government instead to give greater support to the
generation of energy from renewable sources."

Please support this EDM as further shale gas drilling
in The UK would put our environmental and future
water supplies at serious risk. The planning Application
for Shale Gas Drilling at Woodnesborough will be decided
by KCC in the near future it is crucial that you now add your
voices to those of us that have serious concerns about
the exploratory application.

Stuart Cox, Group Coordinator

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