Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DWI Nov 22nd meeting - Climate Change & Biodiversity

What is the link between our community’s resilience to Climate change and protecting the biodiversity of our area?  

 If Deal and Walmer are to develop as a Green Tourism destination, should we not be taking action NOW to look after the sites that attract birds and birdwatchers;  butterflies, bees  and nature lovers? By increasing protection of our SSSI and AONB, can’t we enhance our quality of life locally, and encourage more people to enjoy local rather than far-flung (air-born) delights? What is our responsibility to future generations;   to other species? 

Come and Enjoy a DEAL WITH IT evening discussion led by Mel Wrigley of White Cliffs Countryside Partnership and a representative of Hawkeshill  Freedown Volunteers at   Dealability, 43 Victoria Road, Deal CT14 7AY  on Tuesday 22 November at 7.30pm     

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