Monday, October 15, 2012

Dover District Cycle Forum this Weds....

meeting 7.30pm Wednesday 17th October 2012

***** Please see the temporary website for relevant background papers *****

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of last meeting 3rd July 2012

Matters arising (except as listed below)

3. - reports of maintenance issues affecting cyclists (please bring your photos of issues we should take up)
- New "pinch point schemes" and how they affect cyclists

4. Seafront Improvement Project - developments since last meeting

5. "Twenty's Plenty" - campaign for town-wide 20mph limit
- 20sPlenty Campaign and what happened at Dover's Joint Transport Board
- Suggested public meeting

6. Cycling signing on the A2 - Spokes campaign
- Google's new directions for cyclists (directs cyclist up the A2)
- new path at Dover cliffs;
- issues with safety of Dour Greenway
- updates on the Dover District Cycle Strategy,

7. Deal Town Team: update on cycling aspects
- nomination of 1 representative
- cycle parking
- maps, leaflets and information online
- completing gaps in the cycle network
- "Cycle Chic"

8. Bikes on Trains
- report on Spokes submission to Southeastern consultation; - bikes on trains: flashback to the Olympics
- Train Operators' "Cyclist Toolkit" - local action proposed (a new grading scheme for cycle facilities at stations)

9. AOB as agreed at start of meeting

10. Date of next meeting:
(we have no more meetings planned for this calendar year - we need 4 new dates to cover 2013, the first being the AGM)


Ian Killbery
Chair, Dover District Cycle Forum
representing everyone interested in cycling in Dover District
affiliated to SPOKES East Kent Cycle Campaign
Please email Ian for venue...

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