Saturday, October 20, 2012

Transport & Air quality meeting ...

All - here are details of a meeting about Canterbury's transport and air quality problems.

Thursday, 8th November, Dominican Priory, 7:30pm -
Lynn Sloman: Sustainable Transport Blueprint for Canterbury

Lynn Sloman is one of the country’s leading experts on sustainable transport and is a director of Transport for Quality of Life, ( She was one of the authors of the report to the DfT in 2010, ‘The Effects of Smarter Choice Programmes in the Sustainable Travel Towns: Summary Report’, which led to the creation of the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Canterbury’s traffic and air quality problems are much debated. Here might be some advice and solutions that could help cut congestion, improve air quality in the city and lower the city's carbon footprint.


  1. I like your ideas. For improvement of air quality .You has to follow strict action like to increase the use of public transport. Public transport is very helpful for reducing pollution in the city.

  2. The best thing about this page is all the air transport information is totally up to date and there is no false statements in this post

  3. Transport air quality meeting is shared on the post here read to know more

  4. great. How is it possible to better the quality of services?