Saturday, April 27, 2013

Community Garden Progress ...

Both DWI's Community Garden projects are going fantastically well. Both our projects got a great response at the Deal Town Council annual meeting last thursday.

Deal Station Garden 

We have our official launch next Saturday 4th May at 11:30am.The Mayor is coming down as well as many of local organisations and business which have supported us. So please pop down see what we are doing

We are starting to get of watering system going thanks to Roisin. All the planters are starting to look good and the plants are coming on.

Things we need
- More large plastic bottles for the watering system. Ideally 2-3ltr size. We probably need another another 10

- More large watering cans

- Any donations of veg or fruit plants

- More volunteers for early morning watering

- Mulch material leaf or compost based

Please contact Sarah or Alan on 01304 389 553 or at

Landmark Community Garden

This is really brightening up the High Street now - we have had great donations of annuals (Most edible flowers Ed.) but have now got an interesting range of rare english plants and veg and fruit going in. Great willow frames have been build and we have a local school planting some Salad areas next week.

Some lovely feedback from passers bye each Saturday ... Thank you to Mrs Dunne  who donated some money for us to by a another fruit tree. Also Thank you to Sunshine Ukes who came down to play today

We meet on Wednesday Afternoons from 2:30pm and Saturdays from 10:30am - All welcome

Please contact Vickie or Rosie at 01304 - 381 849

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