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Solar Schools ...

Solar Schools

Solar Schools provides teams of staff, pupils and parents with the training and tools they need to crowd-fund the cost of solar panels - cutting carbon, building communities, boosting budgets, learning new skills, and exploring energy and climate change in a totally new way. This year, our Solar Schools have won awards and been celebrated in parliament!

Now we’re looking for 100 schools to join us in doing something amazing. Do you know a school that fits the bill?

Solar Schools is a fundraising toolkit that helps schools to raise the money
they need to install solar panels. We provide each participating school with:

 A webpage on the Solar Schools site (www.solarschools.org.uk) - designed by experts
to make it easy and appealing for family, friends, businesses and ex pupils to donate.
 Printed resources like banners, posters and stickers to help spread the word.
 Training sessions on everything from fundraising to press work.
 How-to-packs, case studies and videos to help along the way.
 Staff support throughout the journey - our team are always on hand for advice.

Investing in solar cuts carbon and cushions schools against rising fuel costs. Plus, thanks to government Feed-in Tariffs which provide an income to anyone installing renewable energy, our Solar Schools will enjoy an additional boost to their budgets for 20 years. But Solar Schools brings far more than just finances;

 An exciting new way to teach pupils about energy by involving them in
a positive, practical project that tackles climate change.
 New enthusiasm for eco-work within the school.
 Improved links with parents and local businesses and organisations.
 Boosting the profile of their school in the local area.
 New skills and confidence that can be applied to other exciting
projects in the future.

“Fundraising for Solar Schools has unlocked the potential within our school community and identified that for many local businesses they were just waiting to be asked for help. This increased engagement has the potential to have a real long term benefit for our school and we are delighted with the response that we have received.” Mary, Bursar
"Solar Schools has completely re-invigorated our students approach to sustainability. We've had pupils queuing down the corridor to get into our eco-team meets and … we've been able to get loads of other projects off the ground that we've been keen to do for a long time like setting up a gardening club." Gary, Teacher

Applications for Solar Schools 2013/2014 open on April 15th. Explore the project and get involved at www.solarschools.org.uk/apply

Want to hear about Solar Schools from teachers who’ve taken part? Head to www.solarschools.org.uk or get in touch with us- hello@solarschools.org.uk

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