Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DDC's Schools environment campaign

School Visits Help Raise Awareness of Environment

Dover District Council has launched a series of assemblies with local primary schools to talk to pupils about the importance of putting litter in the bin, picking up after pets, and keeping our district clean, tidy and safe for the future.
The environmental crime team has been visiting schools across the district to talk about a range of issues, including:
  • The impact litter has on our environment
  • How long it takes for litter to biodegrade
  • The health implications of dog fouling
  • The penalties for dropping litter and failing to clean up after your dog
  • What we should all do with our litter - and the need to ‘bin it’
  • How dog owners should always pick up after their pets.
DDC is working to raise awareness of the impact of littering and dog fouling across the area, and has been displaying signs and posters, visiting schools and Neighbourhood Forums, and providing a detailed web page.
If you think your school would benefit from a presentation from the environmental crime team, please contact DDC at (01304) 872096, or for more information, please see the environment pages

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