Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unsustainable Fishing raid in Deal today

There was a great view of seven trawlers parading in front of the pier today in Deal.

It reminded us what a thriving local fishery looks like and what we used to have here in Deal. Unfortunately, in this case its appears that the spectacle is only only skin deep.

This was not not an 'Hugh's Fish Fight' example of a local fishing fleet responding to a local seasonal abundance but a commercial fleet from Kings Lyn literally hovering the mussel beds systematically in the Channel for foreign export.

According to local fishermen on Deal beach this fleet have been doing this for the past two months in the Channel.

We need a sustainable fishery here in East Kent and it is available - You can buy locally fished Sprats this weekend straight off Deal Beach and in our two fishmongers you will find fish caught around the Kent Coast.

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