Monday, July 12, 2010

'Deal With It' is buzzing...

Hives at Ashley
Deal With It is fortunate to have Maggie Harrowell - Secretary of Dover & District Beekeepers Association - to talk to us on 'Bees & the Environment' at our next meeting on Tuesday 27th July at Dealablity in Victoria Rd. starting at 7:30pm.

Maggie will be bringing some of her bees to illustrate her talk, there will be honey to taste to show the link between different crops and honey and a number of wax based products to try & buy.

 Maggie's Bee hives are based in a community orchard in Ashley of rare apple trees established by the local parish council. A wonderful local example of the interdependence of nature, community and individuals producing sustainable food.

On a very hot Sunday morning Maggie showed 'Deal With It' some of the beekeepers work in regularly checking her hives. This involves dismantling the hive down to the 'brood box' where the Queen lives and where the frames for honey, pollen and eggs are. Checking that the Queen is still there (she usually has painted mark to identify her) and that the other bees are virus and mite free.

Dover & District Beekeepers can contacted via Maggie on 01304 821208 or email . if you are interested in finding out more on beekeeping.

Maggie has a site for her beeswax products & honey at


  1. Maggie is a pillar of the community and is doing excellent work, long may it continue!

    Mr B Stingh

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