Monday, July 19, 2010

How the law might save declining bee population

From Kent News: University of Greenwich at Medway law lecturer Dr Opi Outhwaite, who has an interest in agricultural health, environment and bio-security legislation and regulation, is conducting research into the decline.

Her findings will be presented to the National Bee Unit, part of Government's Food and Environment Research Agency, in September.

"Bee colonies across the world have been declining as a result of a combination of problems including pests and diseases such as varroa, a parasitic mite which is now endemic in the UK, foul brood and small hive beetle," she said.

"Bees are regularly imported, exported and moved around the world.

"Part of my research will include reviewing the laws and procedures governing the import of bees into the UK, through the European Union and beyond, as well as the movement across England and Wales.  Click here for full story

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