Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Great Big Deal Chicken Count...

Deal With It has organised the First 'Great Big Deal Chicken Count'. 
A number of our supporters keep chickens or are mulling it over ... got us wondering how many people are keeping chickens at their home in the district.

The Objectives of the count is:

  • Find out how many urban chickens there are in Deal & District
  • Find out how many people are considering keeping chickens and want to find out more
  • Get a mutual support group off the ground in the district to share experience, information and good practice
  • Promote the good management & good welfare of birds
  • Support Deal With IT's aim to foster 'local food' consumption & production.
We are interested in hearing from you if you either are keeping chickens or other poultry at the moment or thinking about it for the future.

We will publish the results back to everyone who participates, on the Deal With IT website and to the local Press.

We are running the count for four weeks from 1st August to the
31st August.  The Survey is online and been found here

We have a dedicated page on chickens here 

If you want to do the survey but dont have access to the internet please email or phone 01304 372673

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