Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deal With It Bees Meeting 25th July

The monthly Deal With It meeting was a crowded and warm hive with an excellent turnout of nearly 50 to hear Maggie Harrowell from Dover Beekeepers (Unfortunately we did not have 50 chairs - apologies to those of you who had to stand).

Maggie gave us very clear overview of how beekeeping works, why bees are so important to our food supply & ecology and how they are threatened by pesticides, mono-agriculture, mites and viruses. We were treated to her Ivy, Summer flower and Rapeseed Oil honeys which was all produced by her Ashley bees but at different times of the year - all delicious.

If the number of questions and the swarm of people around the the stands at the end are of any indication the meeting was a great sucess. Half way through the meeting there was a strange noise - then I worked it out it was the live Bees.

Many thanks to Maggie & Steve Harrowell for putting on a great talk. Thanks also to the Coop (as part of their Plan-Bee campaign) for the free seeds & DVDs.

If you want to find out more about about bee keeping - the best place to start is Dover & District BeeKeepers who can be contacted via Maggie at 01304 821208 or email

Dover BeeKeepers have a  open meeting is on 31st July at 2:30 pm at the Coldred out apiary, which is on the road to Shepherdswell CT15 5AR. Bring wellies and gloves, they have a few spare veils

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