Monday, August 16, 2010

Kingsdown Butts - Marine 'National Park' ?

A set of reefs built by humble worms off Kingsdown could be one of the New Marine Protected Areas - a 'Marine National Park' - but only if you support it.

The nearly 3sq km site just off Oldstairs bay at Kingsdown and running towards St Margarets is known as Kingsdown Butts. It is one of 73 sites the Marine Conservation Society has put forward as a possible 'Marine Protected Area'.

These 'Marine National Parks' are being setup by 2012 after the passing the Marine Bills in Scotland & the UK.  Currently on 1% of the UK Seas are protected - the Marine Protected Areas have come after a long campaign by the MCS to protect the bio-diversity & habitats of our amazing coast.

As part of their Your Seas, Your Voice campaign they are asking to vote online so we can influence the Government's priorisation of the sites.

You can Vote for Kingsdown Butts here

Kingsdown Butts

Ross worms build their own tubular homes out of tiny bits of shell or sand.When thousands of worms build in the same area they can create a rich reef habitat. This reef is teeming with life including fish, starfish, mussels, sponges and anemones.

Observations on use

Damage to the ross worm reef suggests that there could be some trawling in this area.

What difference would protection make?

Complete protection for this site could help protect the seabed and the sea life that relies on this important habitat for food and shelter.

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