Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Deal 'Open Chicken Run' ...

We had our first 'Open Chicken Run' today at Jill's in Walmer - very successful afternoon ; a great mix of people who are either thinking over keeping hens at home plus a variety of experienced chicken keepers who keep chickens in different situations. Lots questions and sharing of experience... I never knew chickens liked watching tv for instance!

Many thanks to Jill Cliff & her Chickens for hosting

The next 'Open Chicken Run' is next Saturday 14th August in Deal between 2-4pm - Our host Sandra has been keeping rescued battery hens for just over six months.  If you are interested in going please drop an email to Steve at or phone 01304 37 26 73.

The 'Great Big Deal Chicken Count' is going strongly in its 1st week, with over twenty responses - interested from hearing from you if you either keep chickens or are considering it.  The Chicken Count can found here

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