Thursday, August 5, 2010

White Cliffs Freegle ... recycle your 'stuff' for free

Running since 2005 White Cliffs Freegle offers a free recycling service - a great way to recycle old furniture, cricket bats and old washers... join the scheme at  for more general information about the scheme see

How it works
Freegle is an email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups that allows you to give stuff away when you need to get rid of it but don’t want to throw it in the bin. Or save something from landfill by asking for it; perhaps someone has just what you need that they were about to throw away.
For example:
  1. You have a washing machine you don’t need and may need to take to the tip.
  2. You join your local Freegle group.
  3. You post an OFFER on the list, seen by everyone who looks on the site or receives messages in their inbox (members get to choose whether to receive all messages or just view online)
    OFFER: washing machine (just off High St)
    Old and noisy but working washing machine available.
  4. Interested members will reply to you privately.
  5. You choose who you would like to give it to.
  6. Between you, you arrange for them to come and pick up the washing machine.
  7. It gets collected.
  8. You’ve given away your machine with little effort, and you also got to meet someone new from your neighbourhood in the process.
  9. Someone local to you who needed your unwanted machine can now use it, fix it or use parts for spares.
  10. It didn’t go into landfill. Great for both you and our planet. Everyone wins!
Likewise, if you need an item you can request one on the list in the same way and if someone has what you’d like they will contact you off-list to offer it.
The group moderators will be happy to help you if you need any advice about any part of the above process.

in Dover, Deal and Sandwich in Kent.

Don't throw it away! Give it away!
Keep your unwanted goods out of landfill by offering them to others to be reused or recycled.
All items offered must be FREE and LEGAL

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