Thursday, August 5, 2010

Solar Panels for Free ?

A number of firms are now offering 'free' installation of PV Solar panels - where they own the panels and get the generation subsidary & money from any surplus power fed into the grid while the home owner benefits from free electricity (depending on power generated - up to approx 20% on usage) .

These contracts are for at least 25 years & stay with the house rather than the current home owner.

'Renting out' roof space is also starting to be an option for social housing builders but comes with a warning. see article from 'Inside Housing' here

Here is one report from the BBCTV News report in Yorkshire

See the Energy Savings Trust's advice on 'renting out your roof' here 

Remember before entering into any long term contract take professional & legal advice first.


  1. Free schemes are great if all you want is a bit of free electricity but who would say they would be happy to let the company benefit from their potential £23,000 profit from the Feed-in and export tariffs!

    There is a company in Yorkshire aptly named Yorkshire Energy Services who offer reasonable rates for Solar PV panels (a 1.3kw system is £7250 inc VAT & scaffolding -a bigger system will cost more but reap you more rewards) and you get to keep all of the tariff's associated with the installation. See

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