Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Test run for Boris's Bicycles...

I was in London today for a meeting so decided to give the London Mayor's new Cycle Hire scheme a spin.

I had preregistered for for a member key which you plug in to the bike stand and when the indicator turns green you yank out the bicycle.

The Bike itself is heavier  than a normal road bike. The basket in the front is a waste of space - you will a rucksack as there is no pannier rack. There is a three speed gear hub which is fine. Brakes are good.

Parking in free stand is straightforward - just may sure the indicator light turns Green. If your journey is under thirty minutes its free - else there is scale of charges above that.

If you dont have a members key you have to use your credit card at Bike points. There seemed to be plenty of those in central London.

There are now a number apps for IPhone & some other smart phones which tell you in real-time which bike ports are free for parking or have available bikes.

Generally a good experience  but with London's traffic I would take my cycle helmet next time!

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