Monday, June 6, 2011

No Shale Gas in Kent!

Deal With It expressed it’s concern of the decision by local authorities to approve a test bore site for shale gas near Woodnesborough at the junction of A257/A256. It is similar operation in Blackpool that has hit the national headlines recently. That site’s operations has had to be halted because it appears to be causing earth tremors.

Shale Gas drilling is controversial because a sand, chemical and water mixture is pumped at high pressure deep inside the earth to break up the shale coal layer (‘fracking’ or fracturing the rock) and so release methane gas. It is portrayed a ‘green’ energy solution but reality the industry knows little of its long-term impact and there is lot of evidence from the USA of the practice polluting water supplies.

Rosie Rectcher, Deal With It Coordinator: “We are very concerned about this. It is not just the recent experience of what has happened in Blackpool although given the amount of old mine workings in the district that is of course a major concern. There is considerable evidence of the danger that this sort of operation poses to our water supply. Given we live in one of the most arid parts of the country we should not be taking risks with our water supply. Our part of Kent has the opportunity for many green energy solutions, from wind farms, tidal and the new energy park recently announced in the district. We do not need Shale Gas in Kent. We call upon the Kent County Council to reject the application”

The Planning application is KCC/DO/0069/2011 and be viewed at KCC Planning Portal here

The Guardian did a good overview of the shale gas process - read here


  1. Having heard about 'fracking' and seen a preview of the movie 'Gasland', I am deeply concerned that anyone should even consider this in our neck of the woods. Even listening to an explanation of the process, it doesn't even sound like a good idea. How can anyone expect to fracture rock 900 ft below the surface and not get any bad side effects from it?

  2. KCC planning application was posted in the MID- NORTH kent edition of Kent on Sunday, the area where the drilling site is only gets the EAST KENT edition so nobody in the area saw it, mistake or misleading, I think this application is not legal

  3. This cannot be allowed to come in through the apathy of the populace. These companies make millions of pounds at the expense of peoples lives and the environment. The fact that they try to hide this by not publishing locally their intentions shows that they have plenty to hide. They need to be exposed, contested and rejected !!!