Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Support Elham Community PV Scheme

Thanks for supporting the Elham Environment Group Community Solar Scheme!

We are entering the application process to bid for £100,000 worth of solar PV panels for our community building roofs - to get through to the next stage we need to show maximum support as that is part of the selection process.

So far we have 70 supporters which is great - but in a village of over 1,500 people I feel we could do better! Please could you each persuade one more person to sign up, a neighbour, friend, relative....they don't have to live in the village to support the idea.

Some people have had a technical problem with the website which I know is frustrating, but they are looking into it, along with the fact that so far people who aren't online can't support the scheme, which isn't ideal.... If anyone you know has technical problems signing up or wants to support but doesn't use a computer please let me know so that we can ensure their support is still registered with Energyshare.
Thanks! And don't forget, if you can persuade one more person to sign up we can double our numbers and be amongst the top groups. We have 9 days left!

To reply to this message, follow the link below: http://www.energyshare.com/inmail/reply/33520

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