Monday, March 15, 2010

Take the Trains4Deal Survey....

From our colleagues in Trains4Deal - As you might have seen in this week's Mercury, Transport Minister Chris Mole is actively looking at stopping 4 High Speed trains at Deal each weekday morning, and also 4 in the evenings (the 1740 and 1840 from St Pancras plus the last two at night).

We need to give some up-to-date evidence of potential demand, so we're doing a survey on the morning of TUESDAY next, 16th March.
Can you help:

    - at Deal or Walmer stations, on the platform? (up to 9.15am)
    - if you'll be on a train that morning, giving out surveys to other passengers on the train?
    - and of course, fill it in yourself!

The survey questions are on the website - - along with details of what was discussed with the Minister.

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