Monday, June 21, 2010

Deal With It Summer Newsletter is now out....

Deal With It's Summer Newsletter is now out - you can pick up your copy from the Library, Landmark Centre and a number of local shops like Peppers... or here online

This edition leads with a few words from our new MP for Dover and Deal, Charlie Elphicke

"Reforming power generation can reduce emissions. It could also give us energy security and help keep our energy bill stable. In this way the environment wins and the least well off and the elderly can win too. If we add to this fuel cell or electric cars emissions and pollution could be cut drastically. My view is that emissions could be halved with such reforms. The options to achieve this are not always ideal. Nuclear power is an obvious candidate, yet many are nervous about it. Carbon capture is a difficult technology to get to work. Offshore wind farms are attractive but expensive. Yet I feel these forms of power generation should be considered and developed because the prize for our planet and our children is so great. We would see lower emissions. We would hold back global warming which threatens sea levels and our beautiful – but low lying! – town of Deal.

And we would benefit from cleaner air to boot. So in Parliament I will support the reform of power generation and a move to getting shot of the internal combustion engine. I would be really interested to hear what people think of these ideas."

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