Monday, June 21, 2010

Sue's Ten top tips for a wildlife garden

Sue Sullivan shows DWI supporters her wildlife garden
Sue Sullivan  - Deal With It supporter and Kent Wildlife Fund Wildlife Garden competition assessor - gives us her ten top tips to create a wildlife friendly garden:

  1. Plant a native tree
  2. Dig a pond for wildlife
  3. Don't use chemicals
  4. Don't be too tidy - an undisturbed area will attract wildlifePlant a range of nectar/pollen bearing plants, wild and cultivated, to flower, ideally from early Spring to the Autumn.
  5. Create a bird feeding station
  6. Provide bird boxes, insect boxes, hedgehog boxes
  7. Leave an area of long grass for summer butterflies, grass hoppers and crickets
  8. Create a log pile/dead wood for insects to live and breed in
  9. Leave some flowers to go to seed and leave through the winter for seed eating birds.
  10. Enjoy your garden wildlife!
Kent Wildlife Trust further information 

Sue & Adrian are also showing their art & photography as part of the Deal Festival & SEAS 'Open Studios' on the first three weekends in July and would be willing to do a brief tour of the Garden  tel: 01304 614 088 - 2 Bridge Hill Cottages Hacklinge CT14 0AY (location 24 in SEAS Catalogue

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