Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Home Front: Total war on climate change ?

The Green Party and the New Economics Foundation have published paper 'The New Home Front' which argues that the UK needs to mobilise the scale that happened in WW2 to deal with climate change.

What do you think?

From their joint press release:

"The Battle of Britain was fought and won mainly in the skies over Kent. The battle for a sustainable and prosperous Kent and Medway requires a similar effort as the recent report, THE NEW HOME FRONT, suggests. We can grow more food in Kent. We can extend our forest cover. We can produce energy from all our buildings. We can raise our recycling levels. And each step towards sustainability will create new long term employment. But we cannot achieve high levels of useful employment if the Government continues to undermine front line public spending through its failure to collect taxes which are due (1). Similarly, our new 'Home Front' effort needs the additional revenues which could be obtained by closing all tax havens in British jurisdictions.(2)"

The paper can be found at

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