Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trains4Deal: Open the Gate!


When we get the HS service to Deal and Sandwich (and we're convinced we will before too long), it will be critical to improve access to the stations.

We've seen the problems at Dover Priory, where the surge in demand for car parking has spilled out into the surrounding streets - and it;s very difficult to find anywhere to park. (Did you know - 65% of Dover to London tickets sold are now via HS?)

At Deal, we're pushing for the disused Network Rail land next to the down platform (arriving from London) to be opened up in advance of our HS service.

Our "OPEN THE GATE" campaign asks for immediate action to re-open the existing station access road (see http://tinyurl.com/4b4rdps  ).

Next step is to use this space to create:
- more badly-needed car- and taxi-parking spaces,;
- a pick-up / drop-off zone for elderly and mobility-impaired travellers;
- better bus stops nearer the station
- safer access to walk and ride bikes to the station, which many commuters and leisure travellers will welcome.

We're also saying this could be a useful link in the local cycle network, creating a safe off-road cycling- and walking-path towards Fowlmead for all the tourists who will  come down on the HS train to explore our attractive coast and countryside, as well as for local families.

We're supporting this case at a CYCLE FORUM meeting at the ROYAL HOTEL on Deal seafront on Mon 31st Jan, 6.16 to 8pm (open to all). 

We'll be pressing to improve access to Deal station - critical for when we get the high-speed service - and for safer cycle- and walking-routes to Fowlmead.

More at http://tunyurl/cycleforum - if you ride a bike and want better cycle routes, please come!


We pass on the message from Relyon Transport without recommendation or endorsement from Trains4deal - we haven't tried it.

It might be of help while we're still working to get a direct HS service, for which, of course, it is no substitute - let us know what you think.

Secure Parking for HS Rail link just £4 per day!.
Dear Commuters!
We are writing to advise you of alternative 24 hour secure parkingarrangements available in Dover for those wishing to use the HS service from Dover Priory to London.Secure parking and free shuttle bus service is available at Family runbusiness Relyon Transport ( trading for 26 years ) in Poulton Close, CoombeValley Road in Dover CT17 0HL.
The cost is just £12 for three days parking and £4 per day thereafter andcan be made easily by debit or credit card.Customers wishing to use this service are advised to arrive at the depot, 15
minutes before their HS Service is due when journey time to the station by
free shuttle bus takes about 10 minutes. Return transportation back to the
depot can be booked in advance or ordered by mobile phone once the train is
a few stops from Dover Priory station.
All Commuters will save themselves time if they book in advance although
this is not essential.

Secure parking Bookings and enquiries can be made with Dave or Rosie by
phone email or fax at the following:
email :  relyontransport@btconnect.com
Phone 01304 201227
Fax 01304 241058


best wishes,

Tom Rowland / Ian Killbery admin@trains4deal.com
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