Wednesday, June 29, 2011

East Kent FOE Letter on 'Fracking'

"A new report for The Coop warns that the full environmental impact of  Shale Gas Drilling needs to be fully assessed before any more projects are approved.

There is growing concern over the controversial technique used - 'Fracking' where the rock is fractured using chemicals.

In The US Texas have become the first state to pass a law requiring companies to disclose which of up to 600 substances they use in fracking. Growing disquiet has forced Texas Governor - Rick Perry to act after companies constantly refused to disclose the information. In New york State contamination of water supplies has lead to a ban on all fracking operations until the effect on their water supplies can be fully addressed.

The UK Government and Local Councils need to act now and stop all further Shale Gas Drilling at least until all the wider environmental concerns can be exposed and addressed."

Stuart Cox
Group Coordinator
East Kent FOE

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  1. A friend of mine with a house in upstate New York has recommended watching the documentary GASLAND by Josh Fox which exposes the environmental impact of fracking. It's a frightening film.