Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are looking for Tree Warden for Deal

One of Deal With It's local initatives is find volunteers to act as Tree Wardens in Deal and Walmer.

Tree Wardens are a national force of local tree champions and a key part of The Tree Council's community action programme.

The Tree Council, which launched the Tree Warden Scheme in 1990, co-ordinated it nationally. It works with local authorities, voluntary organisation, parish councils and local partnerships to set up and develop Tree Warden networks - in towns, city and countryside.
Today there are around 8,000 Tree Wardens in over 150 local networks throughout the UK, forming a volunteer force of immense value to the environment.

The Kent Tree Warden network is co-ordinated by BTCV

All Tree Wardens are required to attend a series of 1 day training courses organised by BTCV. These courses are free of charge and provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about tree issues and meet fellow wardens. The courses cover tree identification, laws and grants, coppice ecology, hazardous trees and hedgerow ecology and management. In addition to this BTCV also provide a selection of reference materials and a regular newsletter to keep you up to date with events. Existing wardens have assisted with conducting surveys of trees and woodlands, offering advice to communities on suitable species to plant, how to manage a habitat and from where to obtain project funding, notifying the relevant person of hazardous trees and organising public events such as tree planting days and guided walks. There is also the opportunity to get involved with publicising the scheme through parish newsletters or distributing leaflet.

Becoming a Tree Warden is simple. Just contact the Kent BTCV Tree Warden Network Co-ordinator
Due to the community work involved in being a Tree Warden, we would recommend you also contact your local parish council or conservation group. This will ensure they are aware of you and can also act as valuable support.

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