Friday, May 4, 2012

Brighton Energy Coop launches....


Brighton Energy Coop launches 120Kw solar scheme - 16th May

Hi Everyone,
I have some great news — our community-owned renewable energy scheme is ready to launch for the second time!
You may recall that back in November we were forced to postpone the launch; since then we've been working hard to make sure that the scheme can still go ahead.
Large cuts in the price of solar panels mean solar is once again a viable technology in the UK - click here to here to read the dramatic story of the solar market over the last six months, and how we’ve overcome these difficulties.
We’ve locations at several sites around the area; we are now raising more than £200,000 from the community to install solar arrays on these buildings. The revenue from the panels will go to our members and to supporting more locally-owned energy projects, just as many other schemes around the country do.
We aim to raise this by offering you the chance to buy shares in Brighton Energy Co-operative. By investing, you’ll be buying solar panels that deliver a return on your investment, and also deliver the funds to support further green energy initiatives in the city.
Green MP Caroline Lucas will be speaking, and newly-elected leader of the council Jason Kitkat will also say a few words. Then the Directors of Brighton Energy Coop will outline the scheme, and answer any questions you might have.
And why not pledge an amount you would like to invest on our website (don’t worry, there’s no binding commitment if you pledge; it just helps us see how much we might be able to raise).
Many thanks for your continued support - It's been a long journey, and we have learnt a huge amount along the way. Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested to our launch event, and do email me if you have any questions.
Will Cottrell
Director, Brighton Energy Co-operative

Why not one on Deal ? Come the Deal With It meeting on Tuesday 24th May to join in the discussion

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