Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Deal With It - Food Group meeting

Deal With It's food group 'Grow Deal' meet tonight. If you have never been before these meetings are was jam- packed with favorite recipes still on the vine with their own stories, Rosie's Jam and Tina's preserves, Sarah's flans and discussion on all things foodie.

Tonight we had Sally from showing and talking about the local food that is delivered straight to your door (01304 331729). Good discussion on why there is so little demand for organic veg locally.

Stephenie shared with us the plans around the CIC Keen 2Cuisine based at the Chequers Pub on the Ancient Byeway between Deal & Sandwich. - They are doing some posh food classses at present but hope open a wider cookery school soon ... see or ring 01304 362288.

The Deal Volunteer Centre are looking for recipes for  a local recipe book

John from Deal Foodbank talked to us about how the local foodback hopes to launch in Nov with its aim to support people in severe need with three days with food....again had a good discussion on the links from some of our ideas and the needs of people the foodbank are trying to assist. Not as we need reminding ... but what a great and kind community we have here in Deal

Annie and Steve are hoping to organise a Jam making day at one of the schools in Nov one weekend

Sarah outline the plans for a community garden at Deal Railway Station - there will be a gardeners gathering on Sat 13th October at 2:30pm at her house - please contact her at

Ideas on foragering on coastal and country and a great jam community fest

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