Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last chance for £300 free insulation....

Last chance. FREE £300 insulation
Energy firms' duty to dole out £100s for cavity wall & loft insulation's ending. Miss it, and you could miss out

Big energy firms' CERTs (Carbon Emission Reduction Targets) force them to pump cash into making UK homes more efficient. Failure means big fines. Yet in December CERTs end, and some have already hit targets, so deals are going.
  • free insulationWho can get free insulation? Cavity wall & loft insulation can slice £100s/yr off energy bills. It's available to anyone unless in a housing association / council home, a flat where you can't co-ordinate with other tenants, while the deals below exclude NI. Full info in Free Insulation Deals.
  • Urgent. Free £300 loft & cavity wall insulation. Even non-customers can apply for British Gas's free insulation, but must do it by Fri 30 Nov. It'll also pay for £450 scaffolding and £100 air vents if needed. After that, Scottish Power's free insulation's the only 'available to all' deal left. It says there are no plans to end this, but we still say go quick. 


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