Wednesday, January 30, 2013

East Kent FOE Letter to Laura Sandys on Energy Bill

Our Colleagues in EAST KENT FRIENDS OF THE EARTH GROUP are lobbing Laura Sandys MP on The Energy Bill before Parliament

"Dear Laura.

I am writing to you on behalf of my group to urge you to amend The Energy Bill to include a target for clean power by 2030.

The Energy Bill presents a massive opportunity to set us on the path towards clean power, to get us of the hook of expensive dirty gas and to bring green manufacturing jobs to East Kent and the rest of The UK.

But without the inclusion of a 2030 target for clean power dubbed a "green jobs ammendment" The Bill will not deliver the clear long-term signal to investors needed to kick start this transformation. As demonstrated during The Bills Second Reading there is massive and growing support for a clean power target. This includes support across all the main political parties, The Governments official adviser The Committee on Climate Change and a broad cross section of business. Energy Secretary - Ed Davey recently said the vast majority of business support a target in The Bill and and he could not find any companies that oppose it.

Experts agree that the cleaning up of our power sector by 2030 is the most effective way to meet our legally binding climate change targets. The role you play on The Energy Bill Scrutiny Committee and your influence at DECC will help de-carbonise our energy future for decades to come. Please support and speak in favour of an ammendment to support clean energy and a 2030 target.

Thank you.

Stuart Cox
Group Coordinator
East Kent FOE Group."

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