Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kingdown Beach Huts

Kingsdown ConservationGroup

However busy you are, this development on Kingsdown Beach requires your urgent attention, please. It will take you only a minute to read.

An application has been made to install 12 wheeled huts on Kingsdown beach. They are 5.5 metres long and will be used exclusively by chalet owners from Kingsdown holiday park. The planning applicant is a firm called Tingdene; you can look them up on They make mobile homes. This is what their huts will look like:

And this is where the huts will be installed. The beach is a legally-protected Site of Special Scientific Interest and it’s immediately overlooked by the Kent Downs AONB and Kingsdown Conservation Area

You may know that Kingsdown Holiday Park is owned by Tingdene. But did you realise that they also own Kingsdown beach (outlined in black above)?

Many villagers are saying already that, if successful, this application will eventually lead to the destruction of all that we love so much about our precious, unspoilt bit of seaside – where we meet up with friends, walk our dogs, play with our kids or quietly sit and dream.

Full details of the application can be found on DDC’s website Navigate to the Planning Section and then submitting comments on planning applications. The reference number is DOV/12/01016.
If you want to do something about this development, please remember that no-one will fight our corner for us; least of all our local planning committee.

We have to do it ourselves. So please think about what it means to you and, when you are ready, hit the Dover website and record your comments – the deadline is March 15.

Other KCG news will follow soon.
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