Saturday, March 16, 2013

Deal Station Garden ... Big thank you to our volunteers

Our Community Garden at Deal Rail Station is beginning to take shape. 

Today we had 13 DWI volunteers out to move some 5 tonnes of topsoil and compost and get 5 plaform planters ready for veg & fruit planting as soon as Spring finally decides to arrive.

Lots of thanks to everyone who have donated so far - Jewsons on Deal for the top soil, Deal Garden Centre for the compost, RippleValeSchool for making the 5 planters and donating one of them, Rotary Club of Deal for sponsoring one and several Deal With It supporters who have been very generous.

Special thank you for the SE Rail staff at the station who have been very supportive and have managed to train us in health & safety awareness at the station.

We still need more volunteers and help for the project - veg plants, time, money and expertise all welcome.

Please contact Sarah and Alan at or phone 01304 389553 to get involved.

Planting is planned to start early in April as long as weather improves and have an 'offical openning' in May.

Lastly big thanks to the team today - Rose, David, Alan,Tracy, Roisin, Wendy, Vicki, Sally, Ros, Alison, Peter, Sarah and Steve

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