Sunday, March 10, 2013

Landmark Garden Cleared

Deal With It had a number of volunteers out on Saturday to help clear the Garden at the Landmark Community Centre on Saturday morning.

Deal With It is working with the Landmark Centre and bring the garden back into being a 'loved space' with flowers and veg maintained by a circle of volunteer gardeners

Massive thank you to all our volunteers : Judith, Alma, Sarah, Rose, Steve, Rosie, Vicki, Gill from the Landmark, Dave T (for doing a lot of work beforehand) and especially George and Imogen from Kitching Gardens for providing the transport and expertise -

Any one interested in volunteering to help transform & maintain the Garden or getting other pop-up community gardens going in the town please contact Vicki Nicholls at

Next steps is to talk to the local authority and tree surgeons about managing the trees at the front of the garden followed by a 'Big Dig' event later in the month

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