Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Foodie Demonstrations at the Chequers 17th May

It's a Revolution!
Free Demonstrations All Day
Friday 17th May
Food Revolution Day is on its way and we invite you to celebrate with us. Food Revolution Day is all about the joy of real food and cooking from scratch.
Drop in the The Chequers to enjoy our free demonstrations on the hour, every hour, from 11am to 2pm.
Pieter will show you how to make ciabatta bread; Ralph Cade of Greencades will talk about cooking with spices and demonstrate some magnificent marinades; the lovely Lucia Stuart of The Wild Flower Kitchen will share her passion for wild food and teach you how to gather plants and shellfish around Deal and East Kent; Keiran Renihan of The Choclution will demonstrate chocolate making and give us some excellent health reasons for making raw chocolate a part of our daily diet.
There's no need to book, you don't have to dine or even have a drink - just join us for the fun and the fascination and to learn something wonderful on Food Revolution Day!

If you want to catch a particular demonstration or talk, give us a ring on 01304 362288 to get the running order!

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