Saturday, June 29, 2013

Deal 20's Plenty Campaign news

Good news for Deal: it stands to become a safer, healthier, quieter, richer and more pleasant town!

The Town Council recently passed a Resolution for 20mph limits to be introduced in our residential and commercial districts. Last January, the Department for Transport issued advice saying that if a town wants a 20mph norm, than it should have it. Historically, KCC, whose approval is now necessary, has been rather stick-in-the-mud, but the recent elections may well have changed its attitude fundamentally…

It comes down to this: momentum is on the side of a change for the better for Deal; but in a democracy, a powerful show of popular support is often crucial.

The arguments for 20mph in most areas of Deal have been set out in this newspaper. We now have letters and leaflets, summarising the powerful case in favour, based upon solid evidence, which can be traced through the sources we refer to.

Above all, please sign the petitions on our web site!

We need the support of as many people as possible, and so we are mounting a campaign. Would you consider giving an hour or two of your time to put leaflets through letterboxes? Are you a business and would like a poster for your window: perhaps you can make a small donation to pay for printing leaflets?

Research shows that in most towns 71% of residents want 20mph. Please consider taking positive action to make the necessary change, and write to me at our website below.

Alan Gleave

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