Monday, October 21, 2013

DWI Organising Group meeting October

These are some of the issues that we discussed at the DWI Committee meeting on Saturday 19 October.

Energy Saving event –generally positive feedback despite some unexpected challenges that arose on the day. Follow-up activity is being considered. Jane to call follow on meeting to look at options.

A wide range of ideas for projects in 2013-14 is being considered and will be prioritised over the next month.

Wendy and Sue organising Beach Cleans

New sites for Community Gardens are being sought. Ideas on Food mapping and Green Space mapping in walmer. Tracy to setup a informal meeting to look at options for a food event.

Benefit for Deal Station Garden 23rd Nov... Adrian

Solstice Fair idea at the Landmark ... Imogen looking at

A fundraising campaign, focusing on Standing Orders, is to be launched in November. Although currently our finances are reasonably strong but we wish to do launch some new projects next year and we do not have a regular funding stream of any kind.

Sharing the marketing and use to media to support the group - Steve to setup meeting

New 2014 Organising  Group:

Charles Franklin
Vicki Nicholls
Tracy Blunt
Sue Delling
Sue Mahoney
Cllr Chris Tough (Deal TC rep)
Cllr Kath Blackburn (Deal TC rep)
Jane Stubbington
Steve Wakeford

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