Sunday, October 12, 2014

'Seedy Saturday' 18th October Landmark Community Garden

The next Seedy Saturday, seed and cutting swap, is on Saturday 18th October at the LandMark Community Garden, Deal High Street from 11am.

At this edition we also have an apple press lent to us. We have had a donation of organic apples from Carole & Bill Howarth at Huguenot Farm nr Blean.

People are welcome to bring apples for pressing but please ensure they are sliced and diced at home.

·       If you have not been to one of our Seedy Saturday's before, the idea is bring some seed (either some left-overs which you had some success this season or some you have harvested from a crop this year) or cuttings and swap.

As well as seeds there is a lot of knowledge to be swapped as well! Can be a bit choatic but is definately fun!
·         Free but we do take donations for the Garden. 

For further information contact or find us on Twitter at @Deal_WithIt or on Facebook (we have a page and a group)

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