Saturday, February 7, 2015

St Valentine's Deal Seedy Saturday

We getting all loved up! The next Deal Seedy Saturday is on St Valentine's day Saturday 14th February from 11am to 1pm at the Landmark Garden on Deal High Street

This will be Seed Swap - open to all to donate or swap seeds for the new growing season. Its all very informal and friendly.

All we ask that you have grown something from the seeds in the last season, ideally stored them in a dry, dark and sealed packet and that they are clearly labelled.

We also want your story - how they worked for you; was it a struggle with slugs eating your beans and on the third sowing you won? what did you do with the produce... Seeds Swaps are about seeds but also ideas, sharing knowledge and community.

They are a great first step for people wanting start growing but also for experienced gardeners to try new things.

This Seedy Saturday will also include Tracy's 'Window Sill Salad Corner' - a reminder on how easy its to sprout seeds indoors to give some green and tasty in the bleak winter....

As always we like to have some different morsels on hand for people to try - Our theme is a big love one this time but it is all from the garden, store-cupboard or seasonal fayre.

Imogen plans some interesting mixes which are all traditional english foods for lovers (apparently:) :

Imogen seeds at ready
  • Hot Herring Pate with three corner leek and bay leaves.
  • Sprat paste with lemon balm
  • Medieval Gingerbread
  • Hare Soup + winter savories
  • Marmalade jelly
  • Elderflower tonic
Fish is off the Deal beach ... and other ingredients out of the Landmark Garden.

We also have local Deal chocolatier The Chocolution on hand with some tasty samples and some serious loved up raw chocolates to share with the beloved.

We also have the wonderful Mimi O'Harloran  to provide us with some romantic music to get you all in the mood for Seed Swapping ....

We do our Seed Swaps on Saturdays because our community garden at the Landmark Centre is part of the High Street and that's where can engage, enthuse and inspire our community.

Seed Swaps are nationwide a movement. All starting with the mega one in Brighton.

Here in Kent, our colleagues in Whitstable Transition have one at the Whitstable Farmers Market on the 14th March and on the 8th March at Tonbridge Farmers Market organised by HadLOW Carbon Community.  For details on their Facebook pages ...

There are Transition groups throughout Kent - Hythe, Folkestone, Whitstable, Faversham, Canterbury, Thanet and Tenterden.

All doing similar stuff to Deal With It. So why not get involved in your community ?

For more info on Deal With It - we have a mailing list or join us on facebook  or Twitter @Deal_Withit

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