Monday, March 16, 2015

Deal & Canterbury UNA Earth Day - Dover 24th April 2015

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The United Nations Association                                                                                 
The United Nations Association branches of Canterbury and Deal cordially invite you to the
Reforms to the UN to achieve the Green Economy

ON FRIDAY 24TH APRIL 2015 AT 18-20 HRS at
The General Assembly declared April 22nd as International Mother Earth Day[1] in recognition of how Mother Earth reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit.

This year Stephen Hockman QC and Dr Frank Biermann will be speaking on how to achieve the Green Economy objective as described in 'The Future We Want' outcome document that was agreed at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.

Stephen Hockman QC is currently the Honorary President of UNA London & Southeast region. He will be talking about the need for an International Court for the Environment. Dr Frank Biermann will be speaking on other necessary reforms (such as the need for a UN environment organisation) based on his book, Earth Governance, published in October 2014.

The main objective is to produce a policy action paper from the event that can be taken forward for adoption by the United Nations Association - UK in May and contribute to changing international environmental governance.

There will be a short answer and question period after the talks with refreshments provided

PLEASE RSVP to Emily Shirley, Canterbury UNA Branch Environment Officer on or ring 07753779074 and leave a message

Map to Old Harbour Station can be found here:.

20 minute walk from Dover Priory Train Station, 10 minutes by bicycle with ample car and bicycle parking

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